L'Eclisse ★★★★½

Deadly silence opens L'Eclisse. It's calm and collected, an ordered relationship breaking down, quiet chaos about to ensue. That chaos is something our entire life depends on, like the stocks the whole economy rests on, full of ups and downs, destined to collapse in a single moment of darkness. This is a film of the modern world of 1960s Italy. Vapid materialism dominates, men and women are just objects to be used. The African lifestyle is mocked and misunderstood through racist sentiments, but the characters also barely understand their own lives. Living and loving is just so complicated. This is pure art cinema, full of gazes and sequences without a narrative. Yet L'Eclisse is beautifully orchestrated, intellectual, and poetic. It takes us to an apocalyptic ending, the despair of shallow love a blight upon us all.