Minari ★★★★

Minari finds a grace with nature and the world. The lives we lead, while insignificant, are incredibly important to those we care about, and are therefore beautiful. Minari feels real and intimate, floating along peacefully like a leaf in a stream. Its tale of immigrants seeking the American Dream is done with nuance and without answers. The film's conflicts come from the tough decisions that must be made, and the risks associated with seeking dreams. But these are the people who take the biggest risks, not because they are in danger, but because to uproot life is to risk all emotional comfort. Minari is centred on family, always, and the heartbreaking bonds that bend and break as time moves on. Yet Minari is a film with an abudance of charm, looking beyond difficulties to find small moments of joy. If I have a criticism of Minari, I feel it forces its plot towards the end, reaching for something which stands out in an otherwise naturalistic tale that avoids melodrama. Yet Minari is beautifully done is every other way. It captures a time and place perfectly, and draws on something both personal and universal. It is a delicate gem and truly cinema for the soul.

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