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This review may contain spoilers.

Capitalism is more insidious now than it ever was. There used to be a simple dynamic: merchants, manufacturers, and landowners exploited labourers to create profit. Inequality was obvious. But now, in an era of service sector dominance, liberalism as elitism, and class prefaced as theoretical, lines are blurred. Who are the exploited? *silence* Obviously, still the workers. But capitalism has convinced half the world that the rich suffer. Parasite is a Rorschach test. Some see only the base analogy and go "who is the real parasite?". Please don't be that person. Capitalism is inherently parasitic, not because rich and poor equally exploit each other, but because the rich exploit the poor and the poor also exploit the poor. This is the central thesis of Parasite, which is why it comes down to two working class families fighting each other, and the rich just allowing it through indifference. No longer are the rich just evil mill owners watching as poor people die in the street, they are now nice people like me and you, who just don't like to hear about bad things so do nothing as millions suffer in poverty. Same end result, just marketed better. If you can't understand why Ki-taek stabs Mr Park, you're proof that a century of capitalism has convinced us not to fight for change. Parasite is the perfect analogy for the friendly face of exploitation we now accept as reasonable. Please leave us to die, all we want is to dream of having a house as nice as yours. We won't fight Mr Park, in fact, we respect you for everything. Now let us give this film some awards so we won't feel bad for ignoring the message.

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