Possessor ★★★★

Possessor begins with a fantastic opening scene that is tense and ambiguous. From there, it becomes disturbing, disgusting, and bloody. It depicts a bland, homogenised corporate dystopia, and then constructs an even darker premise. Possessor is a proper body horror film, not just a gorefest. It examines the true fear of what our bodies can become and a loss of control. It is filled with trippy moments, highlighting a detachment from reality that is quite unnerving. It makes us question how to know if your actions are your own, and confronts us with the terror of knowing you may have committed evil. Like his father, Brandon Cronenberg uses sex as an essential key to unlocking humanity. Few North American filmmakers are so brave in that regard. Possessor is therefore a film for real adults, with its pornographic moments and gross violence. Possessor finds commonality in humanity, through the unity of bloodshed. One pool of blood seeps into another. Possessor is genuinely terrifying and made me sweat so much when watching. It is likely the first great horror film of the 2020s.

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