Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

I anticipated a lot worse with Solo: A Star Wars Story. Of all the spin-off possibilities, a young Han Solo movie seemed among the most pointless. Nevertheless Solo delivers and is a perfectly fine movie, even if it probably doesn't justify its existence. After two darker Star Wars movie (Rogue One and The Last Jedi), Solo returns to the nostalgic fun of The Force Awakens. It gleefully tries to explain of the origin of everything Han related and provides plenty of shallow thrills along the way. It is overlong as a film but passes by pretty harmlessly, even if it takes a while to get going. Genre wise, Solo is a heist film but it also has a twang of classic western stylings, something the franchise hasn't had since the 1977 original. The cast are pretty good, but Donald Glover as Lando is probably the most memorable character. It also has a decent score. Solo: A Star Wars Story is well executed fun; it feels forgettable and ultimately adds nothing to the franchise, but it mostly works as a sturdy, perfectly average film.

Side-note: There is one universe expanding cameo which left me puzzled. I wonder whether this is a setup for future films or a reference to spinoff material (which I know next to nothing about).

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