Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

Sound of Metal is really well considered drama. It does a great job at putting us in the lead character's perspective, as he enters a new, deaf world. Like him, we are given sign language without subtitles and no other shortcuts. We start stuck like he is. While the cutting between real-world sounds and his hearing is a tiny bit gimmicky, Sound of Metal uses those moments effectively and with great realism. This is an understanding film. Sound of Metal opens with a scratchy, real, exhilirating opening scene, and then proceeds down a quieter path. The story is not unpredictable, but because everything is sufficiently believable it doesn't really matter. It is all headed for a beautiful little ending, and that really pays off emotionally. Riz Ahmed is an extraordinary performer, and he is at his very best in Sound of Metal, crafting a performance that never feels fake. Sound of Metal is a film about unexpected obstacles in life, and people who have been through a lot. While life is disappointing, there doesn't mean there is never hope. Sound of Metal is a great film of character and circumstance, giving its audience a new way to see life and providing a moving story that is deeply humbling.

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