The Fast and the Furious ★★

So I've never seen a Fast and Furious film and I thought it was time to give this series a go. Well consider me unimpressed. This thing launched a franchise worth billions of dollars?

Part of the problem may be that I just don't care about cars. The appeal of this film seems to be entirely that there's cars and attractive women in it, which is just incredibly boring for something that isn't a b-movie. The tone is far too serious for something this dumb, and yet I'm struggling to find even an ironic appeal here. Why are people invested in these dickhead characters? They seem to just want to fight each other and commit crimes. Are we meant to be forgiving just because they believe in family and feel bad about stuff?

There's nothing inspired about this predictable film, as the whole thing is ragtag collection of 90s and early 2000s clichés. Aside from two action scenes in the final thirty minutes, which have a bit of a Mad Max flavour, nothing here is even exciting. These are literally the only good moments in the film and it still instantly returns to being shit once they're over. I'm assuming The Fast and the Furious is easily the worst film in the franchise, because if not I'm incredibly disappointed with the state of the film industry.