The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

Games of Machiavellian sex, The Favourite shows us the descent of monarchy, an archaic system endowed with centuries of power, in the midst of dripping away its authority. This is a time of whoredom and boredom, both repressed, naturally. The powerful indulge, racing lobsters and eating pineapple, cuntstruck power politics on the side. To Queen Anne, an afflicted and unfortunate Queen, there is no escape. She's seen just as an object, but not even an object of lustful desire, just a very powerful tool. She sees politics through individuals, using her unworthy power with suspicious judgment. Her first favourite offers deceitful bluntness, the second a blunted deceit. Leaking desires, cleanliness specked with blood, power as satire. England's on the brink, it's the end of an era. (re-read your history, or instead, rewrite it).

Side-note: So Lanthimos dilutes his brand and now he gets more awards love than ever. Typical.

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