Uncut Gems ★★★★★

A cinematic heart attack. A shot to the head. Uncut Gems is an adrenaline injection fuelled by the strongest anxiety you can ever feel whilst remaining sat in a cinema seat. It is genuinely unpredictable and so fucking vibrant. Everything talks over everything else. The crass and the vulgar become art. In that sense, it is naturalistic. It captures the feeling of rush and panic, leaving nothing still.

It is a rare film which makes you feel the state of the lead character entirely. It personifies him, with a pace and tone that reflects who he is and entraps us. It turns the audience into momentary addicts. It is a perfect character study, a mirror held up so close you can't see its edges. 2012 is now a historical time period, and a world we all lived through and existed in.

Uncut Gems is utterly staggering. It does not allow catharsis, but ends like a triumph. Everything aligns just right in the world, if only for a brief second. You sweat spinal fluid watching Uncut Gems but it is absolutely worth it. Adam Sandler is unbeatable, and it's the best contemporary film I've seen in at least two years. It's an unbounded gem. Place a bet on it.

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