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  • Coraline



    "Don't remember our names, but I 'member my true mommy."

    Another Laika Entertainment film that shits upon any other animated film of this century.

    Great animation, you can really see the time and prestige taken to create each frame of animation and movement.

    The story is pretty good too, and it's dark enough for adults to enjoy as well.

    Great stuff Laika, can't wait for your next release.

  • Tiptoes


    Supposedly, Tiptoes was going to be a drama, but what drama would include lines of dialogue such as:

    "So you had a circle jerk with a bunch of little people? I would love to see that!"

    "I need chromosomes"

    “The asshole is the strongest muscle in the human body.”

    “Alright, I will pay you back. In your G-spot.”

    There is no way that Tiptoes could have been saved.

    Not only is this offensive to little people by casting an all…

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  • The Disaster Artist

    The Disaster Artist


    1994: Johnny Depp as Ed Wood

    2017: James Franco as Tommy Wiseau

    2040: Adam Driver as Neil Breen

  • The Warriors

    The Warriors


    "Can you dig it?"

    Yes, I dig it, but try explaining this film to somebody and it sounds dumb:

    "So yeah there's this gang of men that wear vests that were framed into a high gang leader's assassination and now all the gang's are after them as they try to catch the train home. There's a gang that wears black singlets, a gang that wears black singlets with red stripes, a gang of mimes, a gang of basketball nuts, a…