Slipknot: Welcome to our Neighborhood

Slipknot: Welcome to our Neighborhood ★★★★★

"Nine layers of music: orchestrated mayhem"

I bought this VHS years ago, it was such a perfect find. My brother and I went to an op shop (thrift shop) and found VHS tapes of our two favourite bands: Slipknot (aka this video album) and Pantera's "Vulgar Videos".

Slipknot: Welcome to our Neighborhood is amazing. It shows Slipknot at the time of their debut album being released. Includes fantastic interviews from the members, (sic) live shows and of course, the insane music video for "Spit It Out", which is a recreation of Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining". The credits also teases the release of what would be their next album "Iowa", with the closing line: People=Shit.

Only thing missing is the music video for "Wait and Bleed", although that is inclined because it did feature the band as puppets killing a man and setting him alight.

Slipknot is the craziest, (sic)est, and down right weirdest band the world has seen. This video album captures their insanity.