Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

"I hate you."
"I know."

As most people, I thought I was going to hate Solo: A Star Wars Story.

If I did, I was going to do the usual Letterboxd meme review of:

"Solo: A Star Wars Story? More like Solo: or the 120 minutes of boredom"

That was terrible, but surprisingly the movie wasn't as terrible as my puns.

For the most part, Solo: A Star Wars Story was pretty fun without being a massive circlejerk for fans like Rogue One was. There were some references to the original series, some more subtle than others ("How about Bossk?"), but I actually enjoyed some of them.

The tone of the film was real nice and the only problem I have was pacing and cinematography. The last act was pretty boring and the cinematography was pretty dark and disgusting in most scenes.

Overall I was very surprised with the film because with a terrible production history it still managed to be better than expected.

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