Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★

My first thoughts of an animated Spiderman film weren't great- I mean I've grown up watching various animated Spiderman shows and they pretty much suck. The animation is cheap and terrible, or just extremely outdated like the Spiderman show from the mid-2000s that used CGI and 3D animation.

It's safe to say that Into to Spider-Verse blew me away. It's incredible- probably the best traditional animated film I've seen this decade, let alone a superhero animated film. Those films like the Batman animated movies are literal trash.

I'm glad to see this much effort and star power put into an animated film.

The voice actors are amazing and I honestly could never bring myself to believe that John Mulaney and Nicolas Cage could ever be in the same film together.

The soundtrack is also pretty dope, excluding the Nicki Minaj song and some other cuts- hopefully the full soundtracks gets released one day including Biggie Smalls and some of the other classic songs.

Great film, hopefully they'll be no sequel because this really doesn't need to be expanded on.

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