The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

"Thanks, buddy."
"How'd you know my name was Buddy?"

December 23rd, I was singing with a massive crowd of people the Frenzal Rhomb song "Russell Crowe's Band"; which if you didn't know, has the chorus "At least we know Russell Crowe's band's a fuckin' pile of shit".

December 25th I was enjoying a Russell Crowe film.

I don't really know the moral, I guess Russell Crowe made a great decision to retire from music and focus on acting instead.

And yeah, I saw this on Christmas. If the last scene is set at Christmas, does that make it a suitable film to watch on Christmas Day, if the majority of the film is not set during the holiday season?

Fuck it, I'm gonna say it is.

Funner and more enjoyable the second time around.

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