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  • The Midnight Sky

    The Midnight Sky


    A very generous offering with 2 stars - probably  only 1 star.  Terribly simple story line - your basic end-of-the-world-save-humanity sci-fi tale.  It is fulled with 1+ hour of silly filler material - space walks, plane crashes, silent self-contemplation.  I enjoy George Clooney as an actor, but this film is shite.  You’d be better off watching Oh Brother Where Art Thou for the 10th time rather than enduring this one.

  • Chinatown



    In my opinion, one of the greatest films ever made. I love period films set in Los Angeles, so there is that. The story is complex and full of tension between characters start to finish.

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  • Bird Box

    Bird Box

    This film is pure shiite. Why did this become such a social media sensation? Are the people that like this film the same folks eating detergent pods? The only decent acting here is by John Malkovitch and his appearance is ever so brief. Blah.

  • Iron Man

    Iron Man


    By far my favorite super-hero movie all-time.  Perfect balance between serious & funny in a great attempt at bringing a comic book to life.  Downey is a riot and perfectly cast in the role