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  • Ten Little Indians

    Ten Little Indians

    Given my taste in movies, I think of this as the toned down version of THE BEAST MUST DIE, where they cast an ex werewolf (Oliver Reed) instead of having the guts to just include a werewolf.

  • Edge of Tomorrow

    Edge of Tomorrow


    If Tom Cruise keeps doing movies like this (and Valkyrie, and Mission Impossible 4, and Tropic Thunder...) I might just have to declare myself a fan. As about as entertaining and well made as hollow cinematic calories can possibly be!

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  • Godzilla



    So was Evan's previous film MONSTERS a two hundred thousand dollar GODZILLA movie, or is GODZILLA a two hundred million rework of MONSTERS?

    On the negative side, the structure is threaten the dog, threaten the kid, find implausible reason or hero to be there, stand in awe of GODZILLA, reunite the family, shuffle and repeat five times. On the positive side, this truly is original force-of-nature Godzilla remade and done with the benefit of a modern selection of top shelf talent and technology.

    Bring on the sequel that dishes up the same tone, and hold off redoing those goofy Godzilla and son movies.

  • Braddock: Missing in Action III

    Braddock: Missing in Action III


    Cornball racist humor (lead Asian villain continuously shouting "BRRRRrrraddooooock!" every time he is thwarted), subpar Lifetime Movie Of The Week plot and acting (he has to save the orphans because love!) and sadistic violence (torture! head shots! lets get rapey!). No idea who this was meant to please, other than the star wanting to put his brother in the directors chair.