Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★½

Probably the peak of cinema. I think after this film there should have been a law that you can't make films with a higher budget than Evil Dead II. One of the most batshit crazy experiences in cinema. I think the simple fact it's not even clear whether this is supposed to be some sort of disjointed sequel or remake makes it hilarious.

 Bruce Campbell is probably the most underrecognised comedic actor. The hand scene is absolutely brilliant. He rivals the likes of Jim Carrey, but where Jim Carrey goes all out in being silly, Campbell almost has this nuanced layered performance thing going on where he makes it seem like he's an amateur actor trying to be dramatic and good who's actually really bad when in reality he's just being generally outrageous.

Packed with one-liners, sometimes where they are not even sensical or impactful, as if to mock the whole concept itself. Even one of my favourite lines of all time, and the famous one "groovy", is so unnecessary and followed by an awkward and extended pause as Campbell stares off camera, which makes me laugh even more. 

A one of a kind cinematic experience that took me a rewatch to actually just embrace it for what it is.

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