Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★½

There's no point in reading or writing reviews for this movie that encourage/discourage people to see it. Everyone should just see it.

Nonetheless; holy groot is this something.

What happens when you go into the darkest recesses of the comic world, produce the craziest action/comedy/superhero/sci-fi genre blend starring 21st century Han Solo, the hottest green chick you'll ever see, a pro wrestler, a badass raccoon, and a goddamn' walking plant? Guardians of the Galaxy.

I admit, there were points that the lack of exposition mixed with the dizzying 3D action scenes left me either overwhelmed or just generally not on board. But let's be realistic. I'll probably never see this in 3D again, and The Avengers had 5 movies worth of exposition, so, I think this did alright.

It started off a tad slow as we try to play catch up with each character's back story, but as soon as any of the characters meet, it becomes instant gold. And the scenes of Rocket and Groot had me BEAMING. In saying that, none of the characters feel like they are less interesting or less worthy of screen time than the others (I'm looking at you Black Widow and Hawkeye). I may have loved the Rocket/Groot pairing the most, but every character contributed equally to the team itself, all with great lines and fun action sequences.

This is truly a 'clusterfuck' of genre. And it works so well. It holds it's own as a superhero film. But it's set in space, where it's world is well realised enough that it could purely be that. The action sequences are tight. Some genuinely touching moments of drama, a couple that even had me welling up. But those never last long as the are always 'ruined' by immediately being followed up or interrupted by something hilarious. Plenty of laughs, none of which will be any less funny the second time.

This took The Avengers concept of bringing together unlikely heroes, putting them in a team to face something bigger than themselves, and then completely flips it upside down and mocks itself. 90% sure it will be even better the second time.

If nothing else, GOTG reminded me to enjoy the small things in life, like a simple flower, or a good old fashioned boogie.

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