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  • Parasite



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    “Does he get off on dripping his sperm on his boss’s seat?” *gulps down an entire juice pouch*


    On elevation:
    Parasite is largely about class. The differences between the Kims and the Parks are more than I can count (though I’ll sure try). The movie starts in the Kims’ sub-basement, which the film’s geography tells us is tied for the lowest part of the lowest part of the city. So too is their social and economic status.

    To get…

  • Vice



    I was five years old when 9/11 happened. We had just celebrated my birthday the Thursday before. Dick Cheney—the opening scene of Vice as well as, well, reality, would suggest—was in D.C. eagerly seizing his long-awaited opportunity to put the unitary executive theory into action.

    Where Vice thrives comes at the intersection of two particular strengths: 1) bravura dual performances from Bale and Adams 2) McKay's distinctive ability to put complex and nuanced events into layman's terms through the film…

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  • Saw II

    Saw II


    Make fun of this for being an extended Blue Bloods episode if you want, but this is such an upgrade for the series. The success of the first Saw is the concept that allowed them to do a lot with very few resources. Which I applaud. But it's not a very good movie. Here, not only is the production quality improved, but the story has actual conflict and stakes, both within the "game" and within the cop storyline. The traps…

  • Who Killed Cock Robin

    Who Killed Cock Robin

    What the fuck does this title even mean

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  • Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

    Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

    I laughed maybe one time but this was probably the most important thing I've seen all year.

  • 6 Balloons

    6 Balloons


    "We don't care about no stinky poop, do we?
    We love poop, don't we?
    🎵We love poop🎵
    🎵Yes, yes, we do🎵
    🎵We would eat it all the time if you let us🎵"

    -6 Balloons (2018), dir. and written by Marja-Lewis Ryan