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  • Parasite



    A far less valuable film would've come to end at the crecendo of violence, and still it would be one of the greats. Why this is the best of the year is the coda, the quiet prayer. what an achievement.

    I cried hysterially. I loved it.

  • Parasite



    Did it really need to go off like that

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  • Gaslight



    This is the scariest film I've ever seen. Real horror.

  • Glass



    Not what the promise of the prior films warranted, and that is enough to be disappointed, but my stark disappointment I recognize is its own reaction and is not fair judgment on the film and its ideas.

    What is fair is the execution, poorly done, feels a premature draft, as one put it. The outline shows the brilliance and potential, and that potential, like the concept in the film of reaching heights of human potential, makes the fall more offensive…