Deathstalker II ★★★★½

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Deathstalker II catapulted itself from the typical cheap fantasy crap, up to the highest levels of the genre quite easily. Deathstalker himself doesn't just have the dumbest name ever, but is a snarky asshole, who doesn't care much about anyone or anything, though he still helps Reena the Seer, who also is a princess, because she is a damsel in distress. He doesn't need another reason and also doesn't care, when she has a mission for him. The costumes are good, the fights great, the music pumps and the boobs are nice. And the comedy works wonderfully, as Deathstalker absolutely knows, what kind of movie he is in.
Monique Gabrielle, who plays both Reena and her cloned evil princess doppelganger, clearly has fun and is stunningly gorgeous, while also offering us a view at her 2 biggest arguments (not nearly the newer Wynorski level of boobs). I absolutely prefer her as the charming damsel in distress, who likes to make comparisons between swords and dicks though, as she isn't as great, as the evil princess.
My biggest praise though goes to Wynorski himself. I really love his older stuff and if you look at Deathstalker II, Chopping Mall or Return Of Swamp Thing, then he should have had a much better carreer. While he is still working today, there is rarely anything interesting he pumps out. One of my b-movie favorites, when it comes to the late 80s, who sadly went into softcore oblivion.