Godzilla: King of the Monsters ★★★★½

While I understand the lukewarm reaction to the movie, King Of The Monsters worked for me perfectly. While the human elements weren't really that interesting and while they are only around to really kickstart the story, everything surrounding the monsters was perfect to me. I'm a big fan of the king and even more so of Mosura, which I fell in love with, since her first movie appereance, as I just adored the combination of cute-ish monster and her island of twin fairies, calling her with a song.

As Mosura appeared for the first time and her theme appeared, I was just so incredibly happy, that everything else wouldn't have mattered anymore. I also liked the thrown in references with the Zhang Ziyi twins, who also come from a family, that is filled with generations of twins. It didn't really matter much in the context of the movie, but it definitely mattered to me.

The action was great, the monsters wonderful and anything human useless, but I didn't care about those parts anyway, so KotM is what I was hoping for. It's no Shin Godzilla, as it is missing that special human aspect, but this was still great to me.