Gemini Man ★★½

A generic action romp with the artifice being cutting-edge digital de-aging effects. If Gemini Man was to be summed up in a sentence, that would be it. This film's cast is excellent, the presentation is serviceable to engaging at various points, but the screenplay is pretty bad. When your not having to ignore the "Jason Bourne" vibes or rouge agent Mission Impossible feelings, what's left is nothing more than a sadly forgettable "he's the best of the best" plot with Will Smith in the archetype mold this go-around.

Save for a few notably impressive action pieces, Ang Lee (Life of Pi) makes some surprisingly strange directorial choices in the way he frames fight scenes in this film, keeping the camera extremely closed-in on the actors (a definite contrast to his stellar work in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon).

The computer graphics utilized in de-aging Smith to appear as his 25-year old "Fresh Prince" era self ultimately services as the film's gimmick, and it's a fine gimmick to say the least. Only a few scenes had it looking faker than not, while others took significant steps to force the audience to stare at it intricately for an extended duration (admittedly to a generally impressive effect). Needless to say, it is quite impressive how far we've moved beyond Tron: Legacy in the realm of digital face effects.

Though I had a good time watching the film and found it entertaining in the moment, like 2014's The Equalizer, I don't see myself returning to this anytime soon due its lack of general stand-out in a crowded room of much better action flicks.
Alternate recommendation(s): Bourne films, Mission Impossible films, John Wick trilogy, Jack Reacher

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