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  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast


    Beauty and the Beast is without question, one of my favourite Disney animated classics and I had an absolute blast with the live action remake. A really beautiful looking film with some stunning set designs and costumes. Everyone was perfectly cast and I couldn’t fault the direction of the film whatsoever. The additional parts to the story and the new songs really worked and actually enhanced the film in my opinion, but the core structure of the 1991 film is still there which is great to see. Disney have knocked it out of the park.

  • Rumble in the Bronx

    Rumble in the Bronx


    Terrible dubbing and over acting which is cheesy as hell. Couldn't even get through this atrocity.

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  • Captain Phillips

    Captain Phillips


    I am baffled as to why an Oscar nomination has eluded Tom Hanks for his portrayal of Captain Phillips.

    This does not sit well with me. Hanks was remarkable.

  • Birdman



    What a perfect way to kick off 2015 with an incredible film like Birdman. It's sometimes dangerous going in to the cinema with your expectations significantly high because there will be occasions where you will be let down, no concerns here, believe the hype this film can not be missed, it's perfect. The camerawork is sensational and so amazing to watch, long continuous shots which makes the story even more interesting, a true professional at work.

    The acting was on…