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  • Rope



    I still believe Rope is Hitchcock's masterpiece and it's my personal favourite. It's essentially a play and the dialogue is brilliant, a big recommendation from me.

  • Whiplash



    WOW that was intense! I'm quite sure this is only time in the cinema I have quite literally been on the edge of my seat throughout the film. When I sat down I told myself I'm about to witness an exceptional film and that is exactly was I got. J.K. Simmons, I salute you sir, a remarkable performance and nailed on for the Oscar I'm sure. One of the best endings I've ever witnessed in film, it was quite simply breathtaking!

    Go and see Whiplash, it's awesome!

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  • Twister



    An absolute blast and I've no idea why this film past me by over the years. Great characters and a lot of fun action sequences. A little predictable with the storytelling but Twister is a great disaster film.

  • Booksmart



    Extremely well written and quite heartfelt at times. Great chemistry between the two leads who give powerhouse performances. Wasn't expecting to enjoy Booksmart as much as did. A very refreshing coming-of-age comedy.

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  • Captain Phillips

    Captain Phillips


    I am baffled as to why an Oscar nomination has eluded Tom Hanks for his portrayal of Captain Phillips.

    This does not sit well with me. Hanks was remarkable.

  • Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

    Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)


    What a perfect way to kick off 2015 with an incredible film like Birdman. It's sometimes dangerous going in to the cinema with your expectations significantly high because there will be occasions where you will be let down, no concerns here, believe the hype this film can not be missed, it's perfect. The camerawork is sensational and so amazing to watch, long continuous shots which makes the story even more interesting, a true professional at work.

    The acting was on…