Audition ★★★½

File this under movies I should have seen long ago. Audition is a film that seems to have eluded my eyes for all these years until today! Well a bit last night, and then the rest Today! I'm starting to become a pretty big fan Miike and figured it was finally time to watch this.

Audition begins as a melodrama that seems to be on its way towards being a romantic comedy. That is except for the weird feeling of dread that permeates in a lot of the scenes. Even before Asami shows up, I found the realization that the main character was using the fake auditions to bring in attractive young women for his testing seemed to be just as creepy. Of course, once Asami does show, she steals the spotlight of this film. The giant burlap sack, the virginal white, the moving like a ghost, she was perfect as a WTF character. She lets off a very creepy vibe while originally not doing anything all that evil. Watching her sit with the burlap sack, head down like a revenant waiting to strike, then her smile when the phone rings. That scene is chilling in the best ways possible. The main characters' crazy dream that feels like he is trying to put together clues from nothing, to fill in the blanks of their relationship and what is happening was also crazy to watch. This was good, because, to be honest, the torture at the end of this film doesn't really do anything for me, and I honestly found it a bit drawn out. It felt like what made her scary was not knowing, was she insane and a killer, is she just off-putting...nope shes crazy torture torture torture. Alright then.

Anyways, While I don't think Audition is a masterpiece, it is really good. The build-up, the creepy, Asami, just all worked for me. I am sure people who don't get bored with the torture parts will enjoy this more than I. Highly recommended except for the squeamish.

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