Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

Before getting into this film. I admit that I liked the Gareth Edwards Godzilla. I do admit that it is not a great film, and it was really at its best when it was a large over the top action fest that made no sense but had Godzilla smashing stuff in it. I think the writers of this new Monster movie universe figured it out, as Kong is not even close to being timid on the crazy giant monster plot lite story. This doesn't mean "Kong: Skull Island" is worse. On the contrary it was a better watch even with its flaws. This type of film needs to be a popcorn flick. Why is King Kong always in the perfect line of sight with the setting sun behind him, looking amazing? Because he is King Kong! He has to look cool, and we get to see him a lot.

When seeing the trailer for this I was pumped up by the cast, but watching the actual film most of the characters while not cookie cutter, are really just faces in a crowd. The have purpose, none more than Samuel L Jackson, even if his purpose was self made. Everyone is great in their tiny roles. The one character that really matters is Skull Island. Kong is part of Skull Island, so he and the other inhabitants needed to be amazing, and larger than life in more ways than one. This is where "Kong: Skull Island" shines. The direction, colors, angles, and creatures are so fun to watch.. They make you forget that this movie has very little plot, or that the high paid actors have very little to do. You are too busy being enthralled by the giant skulls, building sized spiders, and all the pretty pyro.

Kong is the movie you want to see when you just want to pumped up. Fun, but in the end empty calories. They are just calories Id eat again and again.

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