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  • Iron Man
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  • Iron Man 3
  • District 9

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  • Dig



    Bad acting and characters' stupid decioins. For me these were the main problems for the movie.

    I am not expecting decent film out of this this kind of workS. I am just hoping a decent time kiler.

  • The True Cost

    The True Cost


    You cannot grade a documentary simply off the subject. This subject is VERY important and VERY eye-opening. This documentary is not engaging and is a bore. It does succeed on bringing to light the topic but so could any article or activist group.

    insanlığımdna yine utandım ...

    bu arada belgesel akmıyor çünkü sürekli farklı insanlar aynı şeyi konuşuyor xd o kadar içerik ekleyebilcekken böyle belgesel çekmek de ayrı mallık... ha izlediğimi her türlü memnunum da işte ..

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  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    **I simply LOVE Wonder Woman, our savior our Queen, our beauty Gal Gadot <3
    ** Worst child casting i have ever seen.
    ** Of course things that no one could make sense of.
    ** Again i cried, twice, i don't know the reason why i cried second time i most probably remembered the first one.
    ** Did I say I love Wonder Woman/Gal Gadot
    ** I would love to see more scenes with our pilot and adjusting to new world.…

  • Angela's Christmas Wish

    Angela's Christmas Wish


    The boy was better singer.