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  • The Disaster Artist

    The Disaster Artist


    - The opening interviews make you curious about the movie
    - I did not expect Dave Franco to be that good in a dramatic role... I DID NOT!
    - James Franco nails his performance as Tommy Wiseau
    - The Crew
    - What is the line?

    - I'm not a fan of when a movie is blatantly lying to its audience in order to be more fitting towards the narrative
    -> Wiseau didn't need over 60 takes for the…

  • Mayhem



    - "The Purge" meets "The Raid" meets "Office Space"
    - Zombieland opening
    - It has a cool look
    - That weird business hierarchy thingy (reminded me of the John Wick hotel)
    - Samara Weaving is amazing. Loved her in every scene
    - As much as I like him in "The Walking Dead", I did not expect Steve Yeun to carry a movie on his own and to be such a great lead
    - It's gory and pulpy
    - The…

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  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    - It's actually better than the original movie
    - Every sound oscar should be a lock -> Blown away
    - I love it when movie succeeds in leading me on a merry chase ... especially in such a clever way
    - Gosling with his best performance in years
    - Length: 3 hours, not once I got the feeling it's too long
    - The score is as good as in the first one
    - Most of the acting is pretty…

  • Dunkirk



    - That incredible sound design
    - Using unknown actors in the lead roles
    - The first 20 minutes with the threat at the pier
    - Amazing cinematography
    - If it is intended, it works as a refugee metaphor?
    - On a technical level it's pretty much flawless

    - Historically inacurate
    - The whole boat story line
    - Suspense only via sound design; gets pretty boring after the first 30 minutes
    - Impersonal narrative -> I did not care…