Ace Attorney ★★★★

WTW Challenge 2018: CW 3 - A film by Takashi Miike

#Japanuary 2018 - 8/8

- Speed Racer meets Courtroom Drama
- The actors definitely had a lot of fun filming it
- Hi-Tec trials
- "In doubt for the accuser" premise
- Blue Badger
- The style in general (especially the hairdos!)
- I love screaming and shouting in Japanese
- It's actually pretty funny
- Polly
- I like the characters and the murder cases
- Probably one of the best Takashi Miike films I've ever seen
- I'm a sucker for courtroom movies and heroes with superhuman deducting skills

- The identity of the main culprit is way too obvious
- The villains' closing monologue

Standout moment:
Polly, the witness