Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah ★★★

#Japanuary 2018 - 1/8

- Bonkers story
- So, Godzilla is an actual dinosaur who fought in World War 2?! Well...
- Stupid time travel fun
- The score still works
- Not sure if an android or The Flash
- Godzilla vs. Mecha King Ghidorah
- Godzilla's face close-ups

- Visually it looks like an A-Team episode
- Too much focus on the futuristic stuff
- It takes about an hour until we finally see a monster for the first time
- 90s visual effects look really bad and lack the charm of the old movies
- Green screen galore
- It's better not to think about the time travel logic at all

Standout Moment:
The final showdown