Sausage Party ★★★½

What if Toys had feelings? - Pixar
What if feelings had feelings? - Pixar
What if food had feelings - Rogen

Seth Rogen takes the "Toy Story" premise, replaces the toys with food and conveys it into his own movie for a mature audience. Also it's definitely a film for movie nerds. There are so many references to other movies (quotes, parodies etc.) that it is almost impossible to get them all when you watch "Sausage Party" for the first times. Same goes for the countless puns (i feel pity for the people who have to translate the movie into other languages; it's an impossible task ... at least without losing about half of the movies humour) and all the sexual innuendos ... and we got to see Edward Norton's best Woody Allen impersonation. Nevertheless, the movie doesn't use its full potential. It is good when it wants to be funny but unfortunately it lacks heart and story which are often anything but filler material. It would have been great if they had built up an emotional bond between characters and audience to make the cooking scenes even more shocking ... a bit of a miss in my opinion. Still I had a fun time watching it ... also loved the meta level ... and I have no idea what to think about the one scene that clearly jumped the shark ... what the f was that?! At least we now know what real food porn looks like ...

Edit: And I really, really want to see that teasered sequel.

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