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  • Winterbeast



    Through the darkness of VHS nightmares
    The ranger longs to see
    Monsters in stop motion
    Winter walk with me

  • Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead


    I remember considering this the boring one of the dead films as a teenager. Watching it again I realized I had not seen the film for like 15 years....
    It's sooo good. Undoubtedly one of the best zombie films ever made.

    Romero took the story and its implications a bit further and reaches the most interesting point in Day. It's the first time we start to sympathize with the Zombies, the first time we really question which species is more…

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  • Alien Beasts

    Alien Beasts

    Written, directed and edited by an extradimensional being from an extradimensional universe!

    It’s easy to say that the film is “random” but the most amazing thing about Alien Beasts (besides its existince) is that all the shit going on feels like actual creative choices Sukenick made.
    You might not like it, you might not understand it, and it probably doesn’t make a lick of sense....but this is art!

  • The Green Slime

    The Green Slime


    Pretty great tbh. I‘m surprised this doesn‘t seem to have any big following.
    It has a very similar plot to Alien but it‘s much more groovy and has its own theme song! It also has amazingly cheesy and cool Japanese minitures and monsters (the Green Sline sure looks like a Kaiju in its final form) and some good laserblaster action.

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  • Ghosts of Mars

    Ghosts of Mars


    Hoop-tober 2017 #19

    The last 80s film...

    If Ghosts of Mars was released 15 years earlier it would be a cult-film today. John Carpenter made this a couple of years before Hollywood went into a comatose state. Before the death of stupid/weird ideas and the attempts to recapture the 80s, he made one last actual 80s action-horror. He was just a bit late.

    I always read about how bad the effects are. They are not. There is some CGI which…

  • Little Lost Sea Serpent

    Little Lost Sea Serpent


    The Little Lost Sea Serpent has everything I want from a  cheap and cheesy 90s kid movie:

    - Shot on Video for 3$ 
    - A theme song!
    - A terrible monster puppet that‘s super cute and super ugly
    - An even worse sock puppet monster
    - An Awkward love story (?) between a 12 your old boy and a teenage girl