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This review may contain spoilers.

As most people know this movie went through some hell behind the camera. Snyder and Whedon's styles contrast one another which is something I feared when Joss was brought on to finish the film in Zack's place. However the severity of the contrast is not as great as I feared. Their methods to filmmaking don't butt heads but they certainly don't compliment each other. At best I would say they begrudgingly play catch in the yard at the request of their parents. Almost anyone will tell you Justice League is a very uneven film with rushed character introductions but the film did manage to make me care about these characters and what was going on. It manages to be both an entertaining romp with likeable heroes and a introspection on what effect humanity has on people, prevalent in both Cyborg and Superman. Justice League is very flawed but overall good enough to satisfy both sides of the Snyder/Whedon spectrum