The Guest

The Guest ★★★★½

"You did the right thing. I don't blame you."

You can call The Guest a physiological thriller all you want (because from a technical standpoint that's what it is) but frankly when you get down to it this is a fucking horror movie. David (played by Dan Stevens) legitimately made my skin crawl with an unnerving sense of terror every time he spoke from the moment he stepped over the Peterson's threshold and into their lives. David's charm ominously hides something deeper and you can tell that and it just makes you want to uncover what he's hiding all the more. The films atmosphere is even more heightened by the fact its Halloween. The score is chilling, the scene transitions are superb. Wingard created something unique and I'm slightly contradicting myself here by saying its similar to a Nicolas Winding Refyn flick but with more dialogue and slightly less neon. Its an underseen gem of such high quality and the definition of a cult classic.

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