Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★

This movie is incredibly bleak and it made me feel helpless. It’s pretty dope. 

This was my 2nd time watching and it had been a few years, to the point where I forgot a lot of the details so I got to re-experience the mystery all over again. For me the film’s strongest aspects are the slow-burn steadily unraveling plot, and unsettling atmosphere built in by the score/art style. It’s a thriller, but it’s kinda more so a comfy and warm thriller, at least with the vibe Gone Girl emits it is for me. 

I could take or leave Ben Affleck in this movie, although the character of Nick kinda feels like a variety of actors could pull it off. As long as they can nail the bumbling chad type. The only performance that stood out to me was Rosamund Pike as Amy, which was dynamic and entertaining throughout. Her performance is definitely what stuck out in my mind and stayed with me over the years since last watching. That and of course the ending, which instills a pit in your stomach that’s hard to shake.  

I’d put a handful of Fincher’s other films over this one, but it’s for sure still something great enough to stand by the rest of his catalog.

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