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  • Ricochet



    slept on this - an undisputed 90's cat and mouse classic. maybe mulcahy's best, the roaming, leery camera a joy. ugly, problematic, not optional.

  • Their Finest

    Their Finest


    have to take half a star off for a fucking *dreadful* third act turn. otherwise, quite agreeable. it's rare to find a film about screenwriting that doesn't need to heed its own advice, but arterton imbues warmth and wit, and in the end, i was quite taken by it.

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  • Lucy



    kubrick's 2001 filtered through a neveldine/taylor sensibility. the tree of life bastardised at the hands of vulgar auterism. who even knew besson was capable of this; super woman who reinvents knowledge and being as we know it all the while dispensing mere male obstacles with minimal bother. johansson is one of the best working actresses today, she arcs from truly terrified, although somehow not quite entirely at the mercy of her captors - to ruthlessly efficient non human, 99% a robot in all but physiology and a rare inkling of merciful humanity. perfect.

  • Videodrome



    feels markedly more relevant to a contemporary audience, as opposed to the sweet old public living in unsuspecting 1983. ruminations on the corrupting influence of the media, as literal as to depict a cancerous growth on Renn's arm, have never felt more pertinent. pre-empts a greedily voyeuristic society that will eventually catch up to itself. the snake will eat its own tail.
    audacious, fascinating filmmaking, concerned with (in) humanity, technology, their interaction, and the influence of politics, sex and entertainment. It treads the thin line between fantasy and reality, and borders at times on incoherence, and would seem to be ultimately unknowable.