• Shopaholic Louis

    Shopaholic Louis


    Would rate higher... just the second guy drives me nuts. I mean I always hate the "second guy" in kdramas... but this one hit different. Maybe it's because I'm over 40 and the character is also 40... and he's obsessed with the 21 year old FL... and not once does he question that age gap... nor do any of the other characters. Dude... being a jealous jerk in multiple scenes when the two leads are together is annoying, doubly so when he's shameless about it and his age.

  • Today's Webtoon

    Today's Webtoon


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    First, I like tis show a lot... and love the cast... but i had to tank the rating for a few reasons.

    1. its says its a romantic comedy, but romance is really back burner. So much so that after the first episode i didn't know who the main couple were supposed to be. So I picked the couple i wanted to see...

    2. the show knows what's its doing and it teases this couple for the entire show... but…

  • Devilman Crybaby

    Devilman Crybaby


    The art in the first episode is so janked up and then slowly the art gets better and better. The violence is over the top and the story is great.

  • Again My Life

    Again My Life


    This could have been a perfect 5 show...if they ended the last episode 5 minutes earlier... I get that they put in those 5 minutes to fish for a second season.

    But bringing in a nee villain and her joke of a henchmen and then having every criminal who was put in jail suddenly free and sitting at her table.... bullshit... and then saying it will be so easy to out criminals back into the politics or the prosecution.... sigh... just erases a lot of work the main character did for 16 episodes.

  • Knights of the Zodiac

    Knights of the Zodiac


    I never watched the anime... so I don't know if this is a good adaptation... but it does have tropes I hate so I probably won't check out the anime.

    The protag is utterly obsessed with his missing sister... to the point where he can't train or learn things... and then you add in noisy and whiny on top of it... my least favorite type of anime hero.

  • Search: WWW

    Search: WWW


    Short answer tedious... long answer...

    First, Viki app calls this a romcom... it is not... there are a couple. Omens of humor but it's a full drama (and a but overwrought at that).

    Second... the main romance leads are mostly.... tedious... sometimes we get some sweet moments but it's such a slog through the rest of the relationship. She's worried he's too young, she wants to quit before they start because the relationship has no future... he flops between mature…

  • Oh My Ghost

    Oh My Ghost


    I'm rating a four because I have a crush on Park Bo Young... the thing is since this is a ghost show I knew it would have a murder mystery, so iw as ready for that.... but in the first episode I literally knew who the killer was... and I hated him for the whole series. He's smug too goo to be true niceness.... I had to fast forward through most of his scenes.

  • Oh! Master

    Oh! Master


    I quit at episode 10.... I loved the characters and was having a good time and then they introduced the fantasy element (also I was Hating on the second male...) I usually don't look up the ending of shows bur I have been burned in the past so looked up where this one is heading.... and no... NO NO No... off to find another k drama to watch.

  • The Lurking Fear

    The Lurking Fear

    Makes me mad this is based off one of my favorite short stories and it only uses the name of the story and the family last name... at least the old Full Moon version of the story is a fun movie. This not so much (also a little disjointed).

  • See You in My 19th Life

    See You in My 19th Life


    Got a little rocky in there for a while... but the end redeemed it.

  • The Invisible Woman

    The Invisible Woman


    Was a comedy, wasn't expecting that... rather meh for me but it did have the Wicked Witch (Hamilton) in it so that was cool

  • Crazy Samurai Musashi

    Crazy Samurai Musashi