The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring ★★★★★

Extended cut. 

Okay, going to start off this review with a hot take. You ready for this?! Theatrical cut>>>>extended cut. In my opinion the added stuff really hurts the pacing and really doesn’t add much to the overall story. Like it just feels like unnecessary fluff and padded. Also while I did love seeing this in theater, without an intermission I felt it’s runtime. Just wanted to start this review being honest about my thoughts. 

Otherwise, this movie is a masterpiece and experiencing this with my 11 year old sister was kinda magical. She laughed a lot, got scared multiple times and was sad about the deaths that happened. It made this movie that I’ve experienced many times really magical and for that I adore it for this experience. Also seeing it in a big theater screen was awesome. 

It’s really impressive how much of a technical achievement this is for cinema. Especially since they shot the first 3 films back to back which is shocking they let that just happen. The amazing special effects, great makeup, killer score and how the story unfolds is very good. There wasn’t a single aspect of this that felt really bad or dated. Even if this is the slowest installment of the series. I did appreciate that it really takes it time to establish so much stuff and set up what’s next. 

Really excited to see the next 2 parts. Just not looking forward to seeing the extended cuts without an intermission.

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