Boyhood ★★★★

The movie "Boyhood" tells the story of an ordinary boy living his ordinary life. Sounds not very interesting at first, I guess. Because it is possibly one of the most difficult things to create a film that is realistic, but interesting as well.

“Boyhood” shows that life is neither just good nor just bad, there are always beautiful and ugly sides of life. Sometimes detours are made, not everything goes right. Yet still this movie makes clear that after a period of pitch there comes always one of luck again.

And this is actually what makes this movie an unordinary one. Nothing is dramatized, it touches you without using the means of exaggeration. Normally our today’s film industry tries to improve their movies by using more blood, more tears, more jokes, more …

In comparison, boyhood shows the true life and still is dreamy, easy and touches our hearts.

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