Gone Girl ★★★★

First of all, I personally really liked this film, still I'm not sure whether I liked the whole film or just it's amazing story because I did not read the book before watching. Did anybody of you read it? Is it worth reading?

So why is the story that amazing?

The reason is that this story contains a big turning point and during the film you will realize that your picture of the characters will change (from good to bad, from bad to good), still there is no one who is absolutely bad or absolutely good and it seems as if we could see into their heads and understand their motives. Victim becomes offender. Offender becomes victim. But we can feel for all characters in this film. The abolition of borders that divided those two types of characters (for example victim and offender) strongly in the past is what makes this movie that unique.

It differs from the expectations of the viewer to surprise and to act against being just another stereotypical film. I caught myself various times with an open mouth because it was that thrilling.

All in all a very fantastic movie, therefore the 9 of 10 stars

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