Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

Boy oh boy where do I start with this one. Right off the bat, this film is a conspiracy theorists wet dream. It's gotta a little bit of Inherent Vice and a bit of They Live sprinkled in. It really is one of the most unique flicks I've ever come across.
By far and away my favorite thing about it was the score, the score was straight out of a 1950s mystery/suspense film and it's probably my favorite of the year thus far. Andrew Garfield is so great in this, he's basically just playing a guy who's given up on life and his only reason for living at this point is trying to solve this mystery. I really enjoyed his performance.

I honestly can see why this film is so divisive. I feel like this movie is going to be great during rewatch to see if you can catch some of the hints given out throughout the film. In the end I really dug this film and all it's nuances.

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