Don't Worry Darling

Don't Worry Darling

This is the dogshit I deserve for engaging with the press rollout for this movie. Worse than I ever could have imagined. Deeply derivative but worse than that it’s SO FUCKING BORING. Paint by numbers script. Sound design next level bad. None of this works. Fun opening scene though! I thought it might be good for about 3 minutes. All in all it’s my fault for going to see it. I could have stayed home and watched the two black mirror episodes it cribs from instead but I don’t even like those that much. I hate not liking things but this movie had me squirming in my seat with boredom the entire time.

Stray Thoughts Added After Coming Back To My House:

-if you imagine Tim Robinson is playing Chris Pine’s character instead the film gets VERY funny very fast.

-Really really weird casting. Pugh and Harry Styles look like little kids playing dress up, especially as an idyllic 1950s couple. Next to their co-stars, they look like high school kids in a play. I could say more but I have to hit “done” and try not think about this movie ever again.

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