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  • Shaft



    Not a great movie in the regular sense. Highly predictable and formulaic. But, damn, did I have a lot of FUN with this one.
    Great to see another modern blaxploitation flick with fun action and hilarious dialog.
    Awesome to see both Jackson and Roundree back in action.
    Maybe not the best of the 5 Shaft flicks (or the series), but this is guilty pleasure cinema at its finest!

  • Hustlers



    Entertaining and somewhat exciting movie with an a crazy premise (which just so happens to be true!)
    Sadly felt that the eclectic energy of the first half fizzled out in the second and found myself checking my watch multiple times.
    Predictable and anticlimactic ending.
    Performances are great.

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  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4


    An incredible exploration of characters, emotions and themes on a smaller, more intimate scale than we’re used to with the Toy Story saga. 
    I grew up with these movies from the age of 4, and had all the action figures — they were my favorites, and my best friends. I feel like this movie and it’s characters were speaking to me on an incredibly real, intimate and visceral level. 
    Almost as perfect as a Toy Story movie comes — I just wish Buzz, Jesse and the rest of the gang had more screentime.

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  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


    It's the Tarantino we've all come to love - smart, quirky, irreverent and BRUTAL.
    Dialog is fantastic, and the film moves at an enchanting, mesmerising pace with great style and charm.
    Pitt and DiCaprio are an absolute powerhouse!