Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

I don’t have any problem with Guy Richie, but here me out…

What if Martin Scorsese had taken a crack at this?

I don’t know the source material, but I feel like it could be smart enough for Scorsese and that his allowance for breathing room (aka: long run times) could have fleshed out the back stories of the main characters. Also, his penchant for quick hits of shocking violence would have been right at home in this story.

As is, Richie’s version was entertaining, the choice to chop up the timeline worked for me and while I was watching it, I was invested. But there were a lot of questions in the end (and important enough that my wife went on a google search trying to get more info on H’s backstory) that I think 20 or 30 extra minutes would have been welcomed.

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