Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

I have a deep appreciation for Tarantino's craft, and an even deeper appreciation for the craft on display in Inglorious Basterds, my favorite film of his. This might not be as technically profound as that film, but in going for something equally subversive, Once Upon a Time manages to be his most accessible, and maybe even his most meaningful project to date. And given how he writes this, so brilliantly I might add, as a modern day fairy tale with a passionate love letter written into the intricate details of the set design, it's almost as if he decided to write a film specifically for me. So much of this just struck a chord in all the right ways.

From the camera work, which has some incredible tracking and panning shots in scenes that require them to shift perspectives (that early scene that takes them from the mansion to the drive in is one of the most perfectly shot scenes I've seen in a long, long time), to the way it infuses the soundtrack with the different character and narrative beats, to the narrative ingenuity and thematic presence that fuses imagination and fiction with reality and dark subject matter, it all just proves that this guy is a true master behind the camera.

And not to be undersold, Robbie and Pitt both give incredible performances, while this just might be (for me) one of Dicaprios greatest turns.

This is what cinema is built for.

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