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  • The Ultimate Warrior

    The Ultimate Warrior


    Like half of this website's readers I'm burning through the Criterion Channel's 70s sci-fi catalogue before it expires. This is the weakest of them so far, interesting only for its classic pre-special-effects fight choreography (it takes ages for Brenner to scale a fire escape) and what it says about "era of limits" SF, when the most imaginable dystopia was a world drained of its resources. (Were they legally required to end every movie on a beach?)

    You can live your life without seeing it, but you'll be denied the memory of a shirtless Yul Brenner doing martial arts in a New York wasteland.

  • Z.P.G.



    Above-grade b-movie sci-fi, and a lot of fun if you let the schlock roll over you. Reed, one of the most bombastic actors of all time, settles into a deep, monotone depression that elevates everting around him — a wooden extra becomes just another citizen of the Society who’s trying not to lose their mind at deprivation.

    Your enjoyment may depend on how realistic you need your world-building to be. There is so little housing space that the earth’s water…

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  • Cats



    Art was a mistake.

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    Why can’t every movie be like this, mutilating a story from history into a hilarious collection of slanders? Also, no spoilers, but you’ve never seen such a successful dramatic use of Emma Stone’s freakishly large eyes. 

    Everyone’s amazing in this, but the MVP might be Nicholas Hoult as a dandy fop who is actually right about the war.