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  • Easy Rider: The Ride Back

    Easy Rider: The Ride Back


    Goes punch-for-punch with "The Room" in my own bad movie tourney. Rent it -- or, god help you, own it -- on DVD, if you can. There's a bonus scene that reveals one character's motivation with a drawn-out, ludicrous flashback to 9/11, and it's one of the funniest goddamn things I've ever seen.

  • Soylent Green

    Soylent Green


    Still amazing, decades after everybody knows the twist. (That hasn't stopped Silicon Valley morons from naming their meal replacement after the human-based food, but those people will all die of raw water poisoning anyway, inshallah.)

    What sticks with you is the world-building -- gritty, polluted, inhumane. Heston, whose default mode was self-parody, is actually pretty moving as the detective who barely bothers to put up with this crap anymore. Edward G. Robinson is legendary as his best friend, and the scene where he settles in to the suicide booth is one of the only genuine tear-jerkers in sci-fi.

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  • David Bowie: Five Years

    David Bowie: Five Years


    Authorized biography done right! Best part is Robert Fripp, in the three-piece suit that I'm pretty sure he had welded to his body ten years ago, describing the order to play a sexy guitar hook. (The result was the whirring whalesong of "Heroes," which is sexy to ME, anyway.)

  • Nothing So Strange

    Nothing So Strange


    An addictive little mockumentary -- fake, but not funny -- about an assassination of Bill Gates that inspires a crew of extremely credible-sounding conspiracy theorists to investigate who was behind it. There's some impressive bootstrap filmmaking on display here, like the use of the Democratic National Convention to swell the numbers for a "Citizens for Truth" protest, and the real-life defeat of then-D.A. Gil Garcetti becoming a plot point for our characters. All DIY movies should be this thoughtful and this fun.