Framing Britney Spears

Framing Britney Spears ★★★

As a snob with a liberal arts degree, I am lightly fond of the "middlebrow docs about lowbrow scandals" genre. Hours, hours of my life spent learning about NXIVM! I didn't even watch "Smallville!" True crime leaves me cold but send some investigative reporters over to tabloid turf and it usually works.

I went into this with a vague and outdated idea of what was happening to a singer whose work I never really liked; I came out feeling educated and sympathetic, yet with many more questions. The montage of 90s celebrity interviewers asking a teenager about her sex life and joking about "sluttiness" is horrifying, but the story just sort of peters out. Think we've got to wait for the 2030 version of the documentary, beamed into our brains directly by the one remaining news corporation (OAN).