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  • July Rain

    July Rain


    The stations of the radio are constantly being changed, and so is the world outside. The imminence of war, the fragility of life making one to ask itself questions, to see the world around through a new eye, to visit the ones you love, to look at yourself. Feelings change and so does the city, and life goes on.

  • The Morning Schedule

    The Morning Schedule


    The Woman Who Left Her Will on Film

    Drops of joy and beauty in Super-8 films while the present is filled with bleakness and bitterness, living under the shadow of a ghost. Amidst all this sadness, there is still some hope.

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  • Before We Vanish

    Before We Vanish


    Ser ou não ser. Como em The Happening , o apocalipse redefinindo as estruturas de um casal em crise, o amor como o único deus ex machina. A habilidade de Kurosawa transitar de um gênero pra outro sem perder o ritmo é impressionante, além de conter algumas das cenas mais bonitas desse ano.

  • Bonjour Tristesse

    Bonjour Tristesse


    There is nothing as melancholic or painful as to finally know who you really are.