David has written 5 reviews for films rated ½ .

  • Rogue



    This is like "as I say not as I do!", Trying to give a message about deplorable conditions on animal raising when they've used real animals to make this movie, sorry but it's 2020, the use of real animals it's unacceptable.

  • Paradise In Heart

    Paradise In Heart


    I've spent three minutes watching how was builded the house, that was the best part.

  • Dangerous Drugs of Sex

    Dangerous Drugs of Sex


    With an inexistent development of story or characters this is just bad soft porn.

  • Train of the Dead

    Train of the Dead


    This should be tagged as "Comedy" a WTF after a WTF.

  • The Unseeable

    The Unseeable


    First time writting a review here but I just can't hold myself.
    The movie istelf has a good plot, the execution was a total failure, none of this movie was good quite the oppossite the acting was dull, directing overall bad, sound edition and sound mixing (probably the most important thing in horror movies) was horrible, the storytelling was predictable, so far the worst movie I've watched this year.