Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

Spider-Man: Far from Home succeeds wildly in two particular areas - the humor and the romance. The humor is so strong, many characters are funny and the dialogue is superb. It succeeds as a fun teen flick. And the MJ/Peter romance is absolutely terrific as finally Marvel gives us a strong romance after Pepper and Tony. They are so great together thanks to two charming performances from both Zendaya and Tom Holland. The VFX and some action scenes are also terrific and so cool as is the film's great use of Venice in particular. However, no matter how good Jake Gyllenhaal was, Mysterio is simply a villain whom I've never taken seriously how goofy, cartoony and cheesy he is. Peter is ridiculously naive at times and the twist was obvious. And the whole movie is very low-key, very low-stakes in its plot and ultimately forgettable in the bigger scope of things. It's solid, but quite overrated and inferior to Homecoming.